Monday, August 8, 2011

Sewing Craft Organizer – Mod Podge Gets Some “Street Cred”

What do a yard sale diva, old sewing patterns and Mod Podge have in common?  We make cool stuff! =)
I found a small wooden chest with drawers at a yard sale for $3.  I didn’t like the color or the knobs, but for three bucks?  I can’t get a latte for that.  The pack rat in me felt it held promise.
It was the right size to hold a bunch of smalls in my sewing room, so I had to make it cute.  Creative powers….ACTIVATE!  
This idea would work on ANY organizer.  I started with buying some nice knobs at Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off.  (You might have some in your craft stash).  Then I grabbed a good old jar of Mod Podge.  It’s a product that doesn’t get enough credit for all the possibilities....  I heart Mod Podge!

It was off with the old knobs...with a pair of pliers I broke  off the cheap, glued on knobs.  Then I went to my stash and dug out an old book of vintage wallpaper reproductions.  I decided to mod podge the frame in a pretty print I liked.  
While that was drying I took the sewing instructions that come with patterns and cut out some busy areas and mod podged those to the drawer fronts.  I was heavy handed with the final coat to give it a good shine.  I drilled tiny holes in all the drawers to hold the new knobs.  I used my handy dandy screwdriver with a drill bit (Yes, I actually have one of my very own).  Put the new knobs and voila!  Almost done.
Then it was a matter of having my husband cut off the remainder of the bolts off so that they didn’t stick out so much in the drawers.  (I usually stay away from the really sharp electrical gizmoes).  
It’s now got a proud place in my creative space and it didn’t cost me very much!   What do you think?

Got any cool “repurpose” project ideas for your sewing or craft room?  Please share!

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Home is whenever I'm with you said...

Momma! I think I helped you with this project as well as came up the with the idea of the drawers!